Members of Black Pink: Presentation & History

Members of Black Pink: Presentation & History

Do you know the legendary Kpop band Blackpink? Would you like to know more about this South Korean pop group? Would you like to know more about the 4 most famous girls in the Kpop sphere?

Then welcome to the right place! In this article we will introduce you to this world famous group!

Blackpink is the most famous Kpop girlband composed of 4 girls who have been shaking the Kpop world since 2016. If you are also very interested in KPOP and love it, then I am sure you will like our KPOP Merch, don't hesitate to check it out !

By reading this article, you will learn more about the following topics

• The formation of this girlsband
• Their incomparable success within the Kpop sphere
• Their close-knit fandom!

In this article, you will learn more about this Korean girlband and be able to exchange with other blinks!

The characteristics of the group


Start: 2016

Members : Jennie, Rosé, Lisa, Jisoo

Name of the fandom : BLINK

Agency : YG Entertainment, Avex Trax (Japan), Interscope ( USA)

Style : K-Pop, K-Hip-Hop, J-Pop, J-Hip-Hop


Who are they ? Biography of the band BLACKPINK

It is on June 29, 2016 that the label YG unveils a new girlsband named BLACKPINK.

This name of group is explained by the girly side and the beauty which they reflect but also the fact that they are not what they show from where the nuance between pink and black.

This group does not include a leader because the 4 girls are very friendly since many years, it is thus impossible to indicate a leader.

Blackpink Members


Some titles of the group

"KILL THIS LOVE" is the second mini music album released by BLACKPINK on April 4, 2019 Seoul time in Korea with songs in Korean and English. With this video, you will understand why this girl group has become popular and loved by everyone in such a short time.

BLACKPINK, a girl group that shines 

What makes the particularity of this girl group is above all the diversity of the 4 girls. Indeed, JiSoo participated in the drama "Producers", Jennie has already participated in videos and collaborated with artists of the YG label, Lisa of nationality masters English, Korean and Japanese and Rosé of Australian origin realized her dream of singer by going to South Korea. Luckily, we have jennie's favorite performance outfit in our store, so come check it out!

Moreover, one month after the launch of the group, they reached forty million views on the YouTube platform, which fully launched their career.

Indeed, the 4 girls became the first female K-Pop group to win their first music award in just 13 days.

BLACKPINK : A legendary influence

Thanks to the MV "As If It's Your Last", the girls manage to break the record of the most viewed MV in 24 hours with an incredible 13,317,000 views. Blackpink is also the first female K-Pop group to win the 10 million subscribers YouTube trophy.

The single title "BOOMBAYAH" is a real success on the YouTube platform, since it is the first video that accumulates more than 1 million likes, but also 100 million views in only 175 days.

There are also about 8,697,203 listens per month on the streaming platform Spotify

blackpink KPOP Band


The BLINK : a fandom like no other

The Blinks who are the fans of the group BLACKPINK is simply a contraction of the name of the group. It is on November 14, 2016 that fans choose the name of the Fandom following photos posted on Instagram. The name was confirmed a few days later. If you are also a fan of Blackpink, if you also love them very much as a group, don't hesitate to come to our store, we have BLACKPINK Merch!

The official lightstick of BLACKPINK that allows fans to show their attention for the band is represented by a black Stick with on each side a pink heart with the name of the band.

blackpink Concert