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If K-pop is living its glory hour thanks to BTS and BLACKPINK, Capitol Records and SM Entertainment want to hit even harder with the creation of a supergroup, called Super M, and described as the "Avengers of K-pop". The new group consists of seven singers, all of whom have come from other groups: Taemin (from SHINee), Baekhyun and Kai (from EXO), Taeyong and Mark (from NCT), and Ten and Lucas from the Chinese group WayV. Super M is expected to make its debut in the US sometime in October. The announcement was made at the Capitol label convention held a few days ago. If Katy Perry and Niall Horan have made an appearance, it is on this new group that the record company places all its hopes. Super M was unveiled via a trailer featuring each of the members, accompanied by the catchphrase "We are the future".

The Super M Kpop group director has been interviewed

"It's also a new form of business"

Interviewed by Forbes, Chris Lee, the director of the South Korean record label SM Entertainment explains, "It's a new formation for a group or artist, but it's also a new form of business. We still maintain their respective bands and solo careers and, above all, we have this group of Avengers that we unite". Clearly fond of this cinematic comparison, Lee hopes to make Super M as financially powerful as Marvel's big screen superheroes are: "There's already an Iron-Man, a Thor and so on, and just as each of the Avengers gets their own series of movies, there's an energy that's different when they're all together, as the Avengers. We're creating that as a business."

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Fans like you can rest assured that Super M promises to satisfy fans of both groups and even more: "Obviously, there are those who are only fans of EXO (or one of the other groups). But beyond that, many people are interested in K-pop in general and different genres. Still, many netizens expressed their anger on Twitter with the hashtag #SuperGroupDisbandParty, claiming in particular that each of the singers did not need to join yet another group. "Right now, artists are sympathizing with each other but recognize that this is a way to connect to a huge fan base. We try to satisfy everyone with good content and we are very confident about that" concludes Lee, sure of his shot. 

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