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In this KPOP collection we offers goodies from the boyband VICTON

Who are Victon or Plan A Boys, the famous K-pop Band

VICTON nicknamed Plan A Boys during their pre-debut period, is the first boyband owned by the Plan A Entertainment label. The young men are considered as "the little brothers of Apink" and the label made a lot of talk about the boys through this way.

They were unveiled thanks to the Me & 7 Men program. In mid-August, they released their first video titled #Begin Again in collaboration with Huh Gak who is also an artist of the label. The group will debut on November 9, 2016, with the title track "I'm fine" from their first mini-album "Voice To New World".

Their fanclub name is ALICE which stands for "ALways we Love the voICE".

Our Victon Merch is for you

Our K-pop passionated team is still working on this collection. You can discover this stunning and classic t-shirt and wear it to pay tribute to the korean boys band.