The Hanbok Men is a garment for all Men's tastes

So, the traditional Korean clothing has evolved over the centuries thanks to the influences of different cultures to become what it is today, the hanbok that we know. The most notable change will be the jeogori, which has gone from being a jacket to a small bolero covering just the chest (or like a crop-top but a really short jacket if you don't know what a bolero is).

The Hanbok Men has been modernized

With modern times, the hanbok has been modernized so that there is no need to pay attention to the colors and patterns, which, I remind you, are codes at the social level. The modernized hanboks will also be more easily worn than the traditional ones (it is understandable). So nowadays we tend to see more modern and traditional hanboks, with shorter chimas or different colors than the regulation ones, but this does not take away the charm of this outfit.

Discover and shop traditional Hanbok Men

Here is a selection of the best selling of the traditional Hanbok Men collection: 

• The modern one

• The traditional piece

• Or the casual style one for an elegant style