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KARD is the a group from DSP Media. Their fandom name is "Hidden KARD", it was revealed on July 19, referring to the letter D of KARD (HiDden) knowing that BM is the "King" card (K), J.seph "Ace" (A), Somin "Black Joker" (R) and Jiwoo "Color Joker" (R).

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2017: Official debut

On June 29, DSP Media finally announces the date of the band's official debut with a teaser image. KARD makes their official debut on July 19 with the release of the music video for "HOLA HOLA" song from their first mini-album of the same name.

On September 19, it is announced that Somin and J.Seph will produce an OST for the drama "Newlywed Diary 2" broadcasted on the TvN channel.

On October 19 and 20, the group shares two mysterious teaser photos via the twitter account without adding any explanations. Shortly after, representatives of DSP Media finally announce that the band will be back soon since they have just finished their new recordings, and should start shooting the video clip soon. KARD makes their comeback on November 21 with the release of the music video for "You In Me" title track from their second mini album "You & Me".

2018 : Special performances, RIDE ON THE WIND

On February 13, the band gives their fans a workout video to their song Push and Pull, featured on their latest mini album. On April 6, it is revealed that Somin and Jiwoo will collaborate with SUPER JUNIOR for their comeback with Lo Siento, their new title track featuring Leslie Grace, the latter has a second version with the two female members of KARD. This version of the track is not present on the album but is available on download platforms. The girls have done several performances with the SUPER JUNIOR on music shows.

At the end of June, the band announces its return for the end of July with a teaser image. Two dates are indicated, one designates their return and the second the date of their first concert in South Korea. The band officially makes their comeback with their third mini-album RIDE ON THE WIND on July 25.

2019 : Bomb Bomb, Dumb Litty

On March 27, 2019, KARD releases their first digital single Bomb Bomb. In mid-September, the agency announces the band's return with a second digital single called Dumb Litty, the track was produced by BM and released on September 22.

2020 : RED MOON, international tour

The band makes its return on February 12 with its fourth mini album entitled RED MOON. They will then go on a concert tour in Europe.

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