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So Yeon [(G)I-DLE] (Singer, Lead rapper, Dance, Leader) 
Mi Yeon [(G)I-DLE] (Lead Singer, Dance) 
Minnie [(G)I-DLE] (Lead Singer, Dance) 
Yu Qi [(G)I-DLE] (Lead Singer, Rap, Lead Dancer) 
Shu Hua [(G)I-DLE] (Secondary Singer, Dance, Maknae) 

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Former members of Gidle

Soo Jin [(G)I-DLE] (Secondary Singer, Lead Dancer) (2018 - 2021)

(G)I-DLE is a female group from Cube Entertainment formed in 2018 around Jeon So Yeon. It is the third female group of the label after 4minute and CLC.

The group's name, (G)I-DLE / (여자)아이들, means:
(여자) for Girl;
아이들 for Child.

To be more precise, 'I' in I-DLE represents individuality while 'DLE' is the plural of 'I'. In practical terms, it means that six people with unique personalities are united.

The name of the (G)I-DLE fan club is Neverland: this means that the (G)I-DLE will not change and will stay with their fans for a long time.

The Journey of (G)Idle

On April 5, 2018 it was through the label's media and social networks that the debut of a new female group named (G)I-DLE was announced. The agency then talks about debuting the group once PENTAGON finish promoting their 6th mini-album "Positive".

Earlier in February, Jeon So Yeon unveiled a second single entitled "Idle song" with several clues in the video of the latter regarding the date of announcement of the group's debut including a radio indicating the value 450 referring to April 5. The cameo of a potential member masked with a fox mask is also present, as well as a globe with six positions indicated, referring to the countries of origin of the members, namely : Taiwan, China, Thailand and South Korea.

Then comes April 8 with the presentation of the first two members: Yu Qi, a Chinese member, as well as Mi Yeon, a Korean member, are thus introduced in the composition of (G)I-DLE

Two days later, on April 10, two other members were introduced: Shu Hua, a Taiwanese member, and Soo Jin, a Korean member. 

Then, on April 12, the last two members of the group were introduced: Minnie, a Thai member, and So Yeon, a Korean member already known for her solo activities during PRODUCE 101 and Unpretty Rapstar