How to have a Korean Streetwear style?

Here are some tips on how to have a Korean streetwear style. We didn't want to keep them only for ourself, so here we go!

Korean Streetwear may vary : FIND YOUR STYLE

The very first step is to know what style you want to wear. There is not only one Korean style of clothing, that's why you have to discover them and choose the one that fits you. It can be for example the "streetwear" style or the more "cute" style. Of course, you can mix several trends, but it's good that you are clear about what you like or not. Choose between Kpop Merch or Regular Korean Clothes on our website.

Korean Culture Streetwear: GET INSPIRED

Once you've found your style(s), you'll need to get inspired and get inspired hard! The more outfits you see, the more ideas you'll have. What I suggest you do is follow as many Instagram accounts of people who have a style that matches the one you want to have. That way, subconsciously when you're browsing your news feed, you'll get inspired. You can also do the same with Pinterest.

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Korean Streetwear brands: REPRODUCE AN OUTFIT

Another exercise you can do that will help you go even further in exploring your style is to choose an outfit of a KPop idol that you like, whether it's in an MV, a live show, or even a KDrama, whatever. You pick a look that you think is beautiful and try to reproduce it with what you have in your closet. 

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That's what our team do with 3 outfits worn by G-IDLE during their promotion for "Oh My God" and it made me discover looks I wouldn't have thought of. It us even more ideas to make other outfits and how to transform or combine certain clothes.