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AB6IX (also known as Brandnewboys) will debut on May 22, 2019 under the name Brand New Music. The group consists of Jeon Woong, Lin Young Min, Park Woo Jin, Kim Dong Hyun, and Lee Dae Hwi. Their first extended piece is titled B:Complete. The name is the abbreviation of "Absolute Six" and also the abbreviation of "Above BrandNew Six".

Composition of AB6IX

Dong Hyun [AB6IX] (Singing, Dancing) (2019 -)
Woo Jin [AB6IX] (Rap, Dance) (2019 -)
Woong [AB6IX] (Song, Dance) (2019 -)
Dae Hwi [AB6IX] (Song, Dance, Maknae) (2019 -)

More details about AB6IX

They are a South Korean Brand New Music group.
The group's name means ABSOLUTE SIX or ABOVE BRANDNEW SIX, the 6 also represents the 5 members of the group plus the fans.

AB6IX fanclub's name is ABNEW.

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