Our dresses from South Korea.

Do you like the look of Korean women? It's time for you to discover our dresses from South Korea and start following this beautiful trend.

• Type: Short and long dresses
• Materials: Cotton, Polyester and Elastane
• Sizes: Asian
• South Korea
• Beautiful and comfortable dresses

In this collection, you can discover a wide variety of Korean dresses. We offer short dresses, long dresses, sweater dresses, evening dresses and korean trendy dresses. All fabrics of these Korean dresses are made to combine comfort and style.

Our dresses are very convenient to put on because Korean women like to dress up quickly. If you want to get dressed even faster and vary your outfit, we suggest you to check our Korean skirts (COMING SOON) because they are very beautiful and practical.

Our Korean dresses are perfectly Instagrammable. Take advantage of their unique styles and patterns to express your love of South Korea through fashion and make sure to tag us to be repost @koren.style.shop !

Which Korean dress to choose?

In order to choose the right Korean dress for you, we'll give you two important questions. Where do you want to wear this dress? How often? With these questions, you will be able to determine the level of comfort and elegance you want. Streetwear dresses and classic dresses are really beautiful, but they are not worn for the same occasions.

If you prefer short sweater dresses, you can check out our hoodies and sweatshirts collection as we have oversized and plus size styles that you may like.