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Former members of Shinee

Onew [SHINee] (Leader, Lead singer) (2008 -)
Key [SHINee] (Secondary singer, Secondary rapper, Main dancer) (2008 -)
Minho [SHINee] (Lead Rapper, Singer) (2008 -)
Taemin [SHINee] (Lead Dancer, Secondary Singer, Maknae) (2008 -)

Old Shinee member:Ā Jong Hyun [SHINee] (Lead Singer, Songwriter, Lyricist) (2008 - 2017)

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Did you know that the groupĀ had a reputation for having very intricate choreography, good timing and a unique style of clothes. Moreover, they are one of the groups that excel in live performances despite their meticulous choreography.

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