The Hanbok is less present but not extinct

The hanbok is no longer worn on a daily basis, we realize that! You won't see many people walking around in traditional dress in the streets of Seoul or Busan for example. But the dress is not abandoned and it does not rot in the attics of great-grandparents, no no no! Like the military, on the day of the national holiday or an official ceremony in France, Koreans also have occasions to wear the hanbok. Depending on the event, the hanbok will be referred to under different names.

The Hanbok Kids is often made of a jeogori with rainbow sleeves

For Seollal, or the Lunar New Year, Koreans will wear the myeongjeol hanbok. Traditionally, Koreans show respect to their parents by bowing to them during this celebration. .

The dol hanbok is worn on dol day, the day of a child's first birthday.

This ceremony aims to wish longevity and health to the little ones. They will wear a dol hanbok with a jeogori with rainbow sleeves for girls and a pinkish jeogori with long ribbons (goreum) for boys.

Childrens are wearing Hanbok Kids during the 61yo party

The half-century is celebrated, but in Korea, we also celebrate the 61 years! And it is the children who organize the party for their parents, always with the aim to wish health and longevity. This holiday is called the hoegabyeon, so parents and children wear the hoegabyeon hanbok or Contemporary style / Traditional style ones.