Our Korean Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Want to cover up with Korean clothing? Opt for the sweatshirts and hoodies we offer to renew your style. Discover our warm tops straight from South Korea.

β€’ Type : Hoodies and sweatshirts
β€’ Materials : Cotton and Polyester
β€’ Sizes : Asian
β€’ South Korea
β€’ Warm and comfortable tops

In this collection, you will find Korean Hoodies, sweatshirts, sweaters and all kind of derivatives with a real Korean style. All our sweatshirts, with or without hoods, are made with soft and comfortable materials to keep you comfortable and warm.

South Korean sweatshirts are well known for being comfortable thanks to the many oversized and plus size hoodies. Some Korean sweatshirts have even been made into hoodie dresses that you can find among our many dresses.

Order your Korean hoodie or sweatshirt now to enjoy the outstanding printed designs of the latest collection.

Which KoreanΒ Hoodie to choose?

To choose your Korean hoodie, you need to know what occasions you want to wear it for and what shape suits you best. A sweater to go to class when the mornings are cool? Do you prefer a hoodie? Once you've answered these types of questions, you can focus on the Korean style you want to adopt.

If you can't find a sweatshirt or hoodie warm enough, Korean Style Shop got you covered and you can check out our Korean Coats collection