What is the salary of BTS ?

What is the salary of BTS ?

Want to know how much BTS earns ? Want to know the salary of the biggest K-pop group ? You want to know everything about BTS group ? You want to know if Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, Jin, Suga, V and RM are rich ?

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The members of the music group BTS have an annual salary of $8 million each. Jungkook, Jin, RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin and V have varying incomes with their activities. They are said to have a total fortune of over $100 million.

In this article we will see:

  • How much do K-pop stars earn
  • The salary of BTS
  • An estimation of the BTS fortune

Let's get started without further ado by finding out everything you need to know about salaries in the K-pop world.


Salaries in K-pop

In the Korean music world, there is a big gap in earnings between the most famous and the least famous Idols. This is due to the visibility and money generated by K-pop groups. For 99% of the Idols, the average salary is 23 000 euros per year or 1 900 euros per month. This data was revealed by the tax authorities in South Korea. This salary is quite low for a job as demanding as K-pop Idols. If we go up in the ranking of the 1% of K-pop Idols where we find known groups like BTS, the salary evaluation is otherwise higher.

How much do the members of the BTS group earn?

First of all, it is good to specify that the group BTS has no taboo with the fact of making a good living. We can see that through the lyrics of the music Go Go Go of BTS for example. Let's enter, without further ado, in the heart of the matter.Β 

For this analysis, we will use an estimate for 2021. With this analysis, we will be able to picture the order of magnitude of the fortunes of the members of BTS. The group has been steadily growing in recent years and with the success of their latest albums, BTS has been making a lot of money.

As of 2019, Big Hit Agency has revealed that BTS earns $8 million in annual salary each. With bonuses, that's about $60 million a year for this iconic group in the Korean music industry. The fortune of BTS would exceed 100 million dollars according to some analysis.

J-Hope is the richest of the BTS (Jung Ho-Seok)


J-Hope is the richest member of BTS. He would have a fortune between 24 and 26 million dollars in 2021. Thanks to his solo projects and partnerships with brands (Puma for example), he would have more income than the other BTS Idols.

  • J-Hope owns an apartment valued at over $2 million in Seoul.
  • Estimated salary per year: $8,000,000
  • Estimated wealth in 2021: $26,000,000

What is the salary of the RM leader? (Kim Nam-Joon)

RM Money

RM is the leader of the BTS and according to 2021 estimates, his fortune could be close to $22 million. It is estimated to be between $20 and $22 million to be more precise. This musical genius has been credited in over 130 songs and produced other artists. He has also released a solo mixtape with an American rapper.

  • RM multiplies projects and is known to be a very smart member.
  • Estimated salary: $8,000,000
  • Estimated wealth in 2021: $22,000,000

What is Jimin's income? (Park Jimin)

Jimin Money

In 2021, Jimin's value has been estimated to be between $18 and $20 million. He is an Idol with huge potential, as many brands trust him. He makes many commercials and is very popular with the public.

  • Jimin is ranked as Idol #1 in reputation according to the brands.
  • Estimated salary per year: $8,000,000
  • Estimated wealth: $20,000,000

What is the fortune of Jungkook? (Jeon Jeong-kook)

Jungkook Money

Jungkook is very proud of his fortune which is said to be around 18 to 20 million dollars. As a proof, he bought an apartment in Seoul by paying 1.7 million dollars in cash. Although he is the youngest, he is not shy and is very popular internationally.

  • Jungkook has performed covers of Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth.
  • Estimated salary per year: $8,000,000
  • Estimated wealth in 2021: $20,000,000

Is V of BTS rich? (Kim Tae-Hyung)

V Money

Even though V is already rich, he still has plenty of potential. He is estimated to be worth between $18 and $19 million in 2021. Thanks to his money, he could devote himself to his passions which are photography and cinema. He has great potential in the world of Korean dramas.

  • V produced the music Sweet Night for the Korean drama Itaewon Class.
  • Estimated salary per year: $8,000,000
  • Estimated wealth in 2021: $19,000,000

Is Jin a businessman? (Kim Seok-jin)

Jin Money

Jin being the oldest member of BTS has a vision more like a businessman. His value is estimated to be 18 million dollars in 2021. With this amount, he could already invest in a Japanese restaurant in South Korea with his brother. Jin's family was already rich, as his father is the CEO of a large company.

  • Jin's apartment in Seoul costs $1.9 million.
  • Estimated salary per year: $8,000,000
  • Estimated wealth in 2021: $18,000,000


Are BTS rich?

You have discovered the salary of BTS and the estimates of their fortunes through this article. We can conclude that the members of BTS are indeed rich. They have been able to stand out with determination thanks to their passions for work and Korean music. Moreover, we have seen that even if they have almost identical salaries, their personal specificities have shaped their income over time.

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