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With the current trend, the KPOP phenomenon is becoming more and more popular. Many fans want to show their love for this KPOP culture especially their favorite band. One of the best ways to do this, besides buying an album, is to wear a KPOP T-shirt with the band's image.

Long ago, when the first generation idols like g.o.d, S.E.S or Shinhwa appeared, the best way to show the unity of the fans with their favorite artists was to wear an outfit with the colors of the official group. Then the modest bands appeared. But the days of using a simple glow stick at the concert are already over. Today we have something more sophisticated and we can distinguish the fandoms of the different bands. KPOP Lightsticks are what we all want to be equipped with when we attend a concert or other event and cheer on our favorite artists.

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Lightsticks come in different shapes and sizes and are specifically designed to represent what comes to mind when thinking about a particular band. They often incorporate the band's official colors, logo or name, so we can instantly tell which artist the Lightstick really belongs to. Looking at the Candy Bong Z for example, we can immediately spot the Twice logo which clearly indicates that the JYP Entertainment girl group owns it.

You have a large choice of Lightsticks on the market, but the most important will be to choose the Kpop group you enjoy the most among StrayKids, Seventeen, Wanna One, Blackpink and many others ones ! Check out our KPOP MERCH collection to see every bands !

In fact, choosing the rights band is really important because it's lightstick not represent only the color but also the symbols or logo of the group ! For instance, the official Astro Lightstick has the artist's logo at the top and we can notice that the fanlight was prepared especially for them just after a look. Sometimes the design evolves over time - BTS has already released several Army Bomb.


Photocards are probably the most popular merchandise among KPOP fans and probably the most common item found in collections released by artists. It's almost natural these days to include a photo card (or cards) with a particular band or soloist's album. Fans have made collecting photo cards a new hobby and are eager to complete their collections consisting of either the photos of a single favorite member or complete sets of cards from different albums. 

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