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Fan of the Ateez Group and a sober look? The Black & White Hoodie is for you!

This sweatshirt is perfect to protect you from the cold, in summer, as well as in winter.

With its sober black and white style, the Ateez Hoodie is a hoodie that everyone can enjoy. It's the perfect balance between fashion and Kpop.

Enjoy its softness to snuggle up comfortably, like in the arms of your Bias. Convenient and easy to wash, however, it's best to turn it inside out in the machine so you can keep it as long as possible.

Features of the Ateez Hoodie

• Type : Ateez Black & White™ Hoodie
• Color: White, Black, Pink, Red, Grey and Blue
• Material : 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester
• Style : Kpop, Ateez