Korean Coat Classic Fur

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A Classic Korean Down Jacket with Fur that offers warmth for the winter! 

• Description : Korean Coat Classic Fur

• Material: 75% Cotton and 25% Polyester

• Type: Women's Coat

• Style : Korean fashion

Keep yourself warm in all circumstances with this South Korean coat.

Our parkas are trendy in South Korea! Ideal to protect yourself from the freezing winter season or the morning. Our Korean Coat Classic Fur is made of soft fleece materials.

Become trendy by following the Korean fashion thanks to the down jackets of our site!

 Parkas with KPOP inspiration

Many of our coats are inspired by South Korean music culture and are chosen by fans all over Europe! Choose your parka with the Size Guide as our coats come directly from South Korea and Asia.

We advise you to take your coat one size up.