Korean Pants Ulzzang Jogging

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The Korean Pants Ulzzang Jogging are made for comfort. Enjoy the simple design of these soft pants to impress your fellow South Korean fans.

There are many types of Ulzzang in South Korea. These Korean Jogging Pants are perfect for when you're relaxing watching Korean dramas. If you like comfortable pants, this is the perfect jogging suit.

Finally wear a simple pair of sweatpants that meets all your needs. Impress your friends with these jogging pants that look classic but are actually a beautiful Korean product. 

• Type: Korean Pants Ulzzang Jogging 

• Material: 75% Cotton 25% Polyester

• Colors: White, green, pink and gray

• Advantage : Comfortable

• Shape : Jogging

• Style : South Korea, Chill, Kpop