Korean T Shirt Ramyeon

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A T-Shirt for the fans of KoreanFood and especially of Korean Ramen: The Ramyeon ! 

Ramen is life! If this is your motto and if you can't do without this good bowl of broth filled with noodles and small vegetables, why not display it on your clothes? This emblematic dish of Japan but also of South Korea is very popular all over the world!

This Korean  T Shirt Ramyeon with a round neck comes in three different colors: black, orange and light green. It is composed of a semi-long sleeved part (up to the elbow) which is plain with a flocking of a ramen design on the front and some English words. The second part concerns only the rest of the sleeve which is for all models striped black and white.

The ramen T-shirt is made of polyester only. Very soft and pleasant to wear, it is waiting for you!

• Material : Polyester

• Type : Korean  T Shirt Ramyeon

• Colors : Black, Orange, Green, White

• Collar : Round

• Style : Food